Although 2007 was a slow fishing year for walleye, lots of anglers are predicting a good year for angling walleye on Lake Erie. For the months of April and May, you can do some excellent fishing in the evening around the tributaries. If you can discover an open coastline, this will be a great place to catch the walleye in early May. One more color to try is the rainbow trout. If you want a good area for night fishing, try the area by Walnut Creek. They do stagnate over to the New york city side to much deeper waters up until the water temperature level starts obtaining warm. Trolling these waters will certainly create some excellent catches. Every angler will certainly inform you that Lake Erie walleye fishing is the very best in between April as well as August. Nevertheless, these are the prime-time televisions for walleye fishing. You can fish completely via November as well as still have an excellent catch. Angling in these waters should be good between May as well as June. Keep in mind that most of the trophy walleye are caught off a planer board. In the Western Container, you can catch your fair share of walleye by Bolles Harbor and Luna Pier. Another excellent location is the Kellys Island area. Planer boards are typically used in these areas due to the fact that the water is so clear and the walleye will certainly startle quickly due to the boat sighting.