The Travancore Heritage is developed as well as created as a Heritage Property to bring to life the old-time traditional architectural natural beauty of the area with its normal wood homes as well as ‘Nalukettus’ with tiled roof, which permit living in communion with all the components of Nature. The resort depends on a high cliff forgeting the Arabian Sea and a long vast coastline of fine-grained white sand. Travancore Heritage is a venture of Happiness’s Resorts and also Hotels and also handled by expertly qualified and experienced team of managers as well as personnel to supply phenomenal service, a notch over the clients’ expectation – the outright joy of the customer. Set down on a high cliff in a breathtaking hinterland of regarding 8 acres which ignores one of the most effective and also best coastline strips in the country, lined by a canopy of green coconut palms, the view is definitely breathtaking and will certainly stick around psychological’s eye of the audience for a long time afterwards. Travancore Heritage consists of many such houses developed at different durations in the previous 60 – 100 years from several places in Travancore, rebuilt at the site after being taken down and transported with utmost care, with all their architectural majesty with great woodcarvings on the rafters, gables as well as the connecting wood members on the walls undamaged.